Germany the world most famous center of surgical instruments and equipment.

BMC-PRIMA is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. It is a leading surgical instruments manufacturer specialized in enhancing surgical performance with more than 30 years of workmanship and quality control experience. As a global operating organization, BMC-PRIMA is a privately owned company, and is located in South Germany where it develops and manufactures surgical instruments and markets for clients in Europe and Asia Pacific. BMC-PRIMA sells its own branded surgical instruments with the brand name of "Prima" to international markets through various strategic trade partners worldwide.


Our goal is to manufacture safe surgical instruments and equipment with the highest quality level, and market them worldwide with prompt delivery and utmost customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to improve surgical procedures and the safety of patients and users with innovative surgical instruments.


We live in quality.

The basis of our state of the art product portfolio with more than 10,000 article numbers of surgical instruments, is a continuous quality management system, which fulfils the requirement of DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 (Quality Management System for Medical Product).

BMC-PRIMA develops and manufactures surgical instruments in compliance with international medical product quality standard and works closely with its strategic vendors and partners to ensure the highest level of quality and most importantly, consistency of high quality.